MEMBER:  A Legionnaire in good standing with a paid up dues card. 

AUXILIARY MEMBER:  An Auxiliary member in good standing with a paid up dues card. 

S.A.L. MEMBER:  An S.A.L. member in good standing with a paid up dues card. 

GUEST:  An adult non-member, 21 years of age or older who has been invited by a member into the Post. 

HOURS OF OPERATION:  The opening and closing hours of the Post home will be left to the discretion of the Executive Committee and any changes shall be posted on the Post bulletin board.   


1. Only paid up members will be allowed the privileges of the Post.  Any member whose dues are thirty days or more in arrears shall be denied Post privileges. 

2. Guests are not permitted access to the Post except with Post members.  Members are at all times responsible for the conduct of their children and their guests.  Members must remain with a guest during their stay in the Post, and the guest must leave the Post when the member leaves.  Legion members who are delinquent or on suspension may not be signed in as a guest. 

3. Non-resident members of the American Legion are welcome at all times to the privileges of the Post upon presentation of a paid up dues card. 

4. No member will remove any of the Post property without the permission of the Business Manager. 

5. Any member becoming disorderly, using profanity or acting in a manner prejudicial to the good name of The American Legion violates the rules thereof and subjects himself to a request from the Business Manager, Officer in Charge or member of the Post Executive Committee to leave the premises and if he/she refuses such request shall be subject to charges being preferred against him. 

6. Any member destroying or damaging Post property will be required to make cash payment for same.  No member will be allowed to use furniture or chairs as a foot rest.  Members disregarding these rules will be subject to charges being preferred against them. 

7.  All games in the Post rooms will be subject to regulations of the Executive Committee. 

8. The bar shall remain open during regular meetings, but alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the assembly room. 

9.  A bulletin board will be placed in the Post and a copy of these rules and all other required notices shall be posted thereon.   

10. All matters not covered by these rules shall be subject to discretion of the Executive Committee on an individual basis. 

11. It shall be the duty of the Post Commander, Business Manager or Officer of the Day to prefer charges against any member accused of violating these House Rules or any amendments thereto.  All requests, suggestions and complaints regarding these rules must be made in writing, properly signed and directed to the Executive Committee. 

12. These House Rules may be amended at any time by the Executive Committee but such proposed amendments shall be in writing and must be read at a regular meeting of the Executive Committee. 

13.  The Officer of the day or the bartender on duty shall have the right to refuse service to any intoxicated person or to any person in a condition prejudicial to the best interest of the Post. 

14.  No pets shall be allowed in the Post Home or the Recreation Hall except for an animal needed by a disabled person. 

15.  No sales over the bar shall be made within 30 minutes of closing time. 

16.  Children shall vacate the premises by 9:00 P.M. except when junior functions are taking place and they are under the supervision of an adult member. 

17.  All members must show their membership card upon the request of the Officer of the Day.     

18.  All complaints and inquiries should be directed to the Business Manager’s Office for forwarding to the Commander and Executive Committee.  

19.  Check cashing will be limited to $10.00 per check for members only. 

20.  No food or beverages shall be brought into the Post Home unless permission is granted by the Business Manager. 

21.  On dance nights at the Post Home, acceptable attire shall be worn.  Shorts for men and women will not be permitted in the Log Cabin when there is live music, nor will it be permitted on weekends. 

22. Post members and their guests are expressly prohibited from intruding on private parties unless invited to attend. 

23. Non-eligible husbands of wives who are members of Auxiliary Unit 201 shall be entitled to Post privileges when accompanied by wife. 

24.  Bar and Lounge will remain open on dance nights except for private parties or otherwise announced. 

25. Appropriate attire for service at the Bar is recommended at all times.  Bartender shall be free to refuse service to anyone violating this rule. 

26. All Legion members of a Post other than Highland Post 201 must sign the Register when they enter the Post.