1.  The annual election of Officers of Highland Post 201 will be held on the date of the regular Membership Meeting in May of each year and the election of Executive Committee will be held on the date of the regular Membership Meeting in June of each year.
2.  The Post Adjutant and Sergeant-at-Arms or their duly designated assistants or representatives shall open the polls for voting at 3:00 P.M. and keep them open until 7:15 P.M., after which no vote shall be cast.
3.  Only those members who have paid their dues for the current year and have their membership card with them, or who pay their dues at the polls, will be allowed to vote.  The Post Adjutant or his/her duly authorized representative shall inspect each membership card and if found eligible to vote, shall furnish the member with an official ballot. 
4.  The vote shall be by secret ballot.  After each member has cast their vote, the ballot shall be deposited in a ballot box provided by the Sergeant-at-Arms.
5.  The tabulating committee may remove the ballots from the ballot box at 5:00 P.M. and periodically thereafter and begin the count of votes cast so that the results can be announced as soon as possible after the polls close. 
6.  No one shall be allowed in the tabulating room during the counting of votes except members of the tabulating committee and a representative or observer of each candidate for commander. 
7.  The names of the winners shall be announced at the Post Meeting as soon as the count of votes is completed and a list of the winners and the number of votes received by each shall be posted on the bulletin board and the names of only the winners shall be published in The Highlander. 
8.  In the event of a tie for any office the tie shall be broken and the winner determined by lot. 
9.  Upon completion of the tabulation and after the   results have been certified as official, the ballots shall be destroyed. 
10.  Any candidate for office including candidates for Executive Committee shall, upon request, be permitted to publish an article or ad in The Highlander. 
11.  No full time paid employee of Highland Post shall engage in electioneering of any kind in support of or in opposition to the candidacy of any candidate for office. 
12.  All disputes regarding the election shall be decided by the Fair Election Committee and their decision shall be final.
13.  No one shall loiter near the ballot box and each member shall retire from the area where the voting is being conducted promptly after casting their vote.  The Sergeant-at-Arms or his/her representative is authorized to remove any person violating this rule. 
14.  Ballots shall contain the names of all candidates nominated at the April General Meeting.  No write-in candidates will be allowed for any office.  Ballots containing write-in candidates of any kind will be disregarded and not counted as part of the election.
15.  No nominations will be accepted from the floor unless the nominee is present to either accept or decline. 
16.  In the event an office has no candidate nominated, this office will be filled by the Executive Committee at its next regular meeting pending approval by the General Membership as per the By-Laws. 
17.  Where the ballot contains only one candidate for an office, the first ballot counted with their name on it shall constitute an election to this office and no further count shall be necessary for this candidate.
18.  In the election for Executive Committee members, if there are only three members nominated for the three positions, the Adjutant shall be requested to cast one ballot for their election that night.  No further election will be necessary.