The first regular meeting of Highland Post 201 was held on the evening of May 28, 1936.  Thomas H. Hayden, Jr., Department Adjutant presided over the meeting until the Commander was elected.  Mr. Herman Erhart was elected our first Commander.
        An application for temporary charter for Highland Post 201, dated June 14, 1936 was presented to the Department Executive Committee on June 18, 1936 and approved on June 26, 1936.  On July 20, 1936 a temporary charter was presented to Highland Post 201 by Department Commander James Hammond.
     The Log Cabin and property was puchased in 1940 for $15,800.  Prior to becoming the home of Highland Post 201, the Log Cabin had previously been a nightclub called Inn Logola.   An advertisement featuring Inn Logola in 1937 stated a Deluxe Dinner could be purchased for $1.00. 
     During the years Highland Post 201 members have twice experienced the heartbreak and frustration of serious fire damage to its properties.  The first fire on August 17, 1964 severely damaged the interior of the log cabin.  The second on May 31, 1981 completely destroyed Highland Hall.  The second fire occurred in a spectacular early morning blaze.  Out of the ashes of both fires grew a bigger and better Highland Post 201, standing even stronger and prouder.
     The Auxiliary was formed in July of 1938.  At the first meeting on September 13 of that year, the newly elected officers of the Unit 201 were introduced by Mrs. R. V. Lowe, Department Officer of the Auxiliary.  The Unit Charter was issued January 13, 1939.  The Auxiliary has been very active with participation in the many programs of the American Legion Auxiliary.  The Auxiliary members have worked hard to make their Unit a viable and important part of Highland Post 201.
     The Sons of The American Legion Squadron 201 was formed in March of 1958.  The original charter was signed on March 21, 1958 by Department Commander William C. Allen.  The Sons like the Auxiliary play an important role by assisting in the many programs offered by Highland Post 201. 



Past Post Commanders                      Unit Presidents                   Commanders

1936 - Herman A. Erhart, Sr.                                                    

1937 - Henry A. Deddens                                              

1938 - Frank H. Dyer                    Mrs. George F. Dwyer, Sr.

1939 - Dr. George F. Dwyer         Mrs.  George F. Dwyer, Sr.

1940 - Dr. George F. Dwyer         Mrs. Merlin J. Hogan

1941 - Robert E. Buscher             Mrs. Robert E. Buscher

1942 - A. E. Heil                          Mrs. Armand Rowles

1943 - Henry B. Paslick, Sr.         Mrs. J. Marion Mills

1944 - Marion Mills                      Mrs. J. Marion Mills

1945 - Minor J. Clup                    Mrs. Lloyd C. Estep

1946 - Henry J. Wattermann         Mrs. Lloyd C. Estep

1947 - Rex F. Smith                      Mrs. Charles Hebel

1948 - Bernard B. Schieman, Jr.   Mrs. Charles Hebel             

1949 - John M. Estep                   Mrs. Bernard B. Schieman, Jr.

1950 - Charles W. Hebel              Mrs. Bernard B. Schieman, Jr.                              

1951 - Donald J. Schieman           Mrs. Roy Yeager

1952 - Charles E. Plamp               Mrs. Roy Yeager

1953 - Jerome P. Raque               Mrs. William D. Chester, Jr.

1954 - August J. Bizianes              Mrs. William D. Chester, Jr.

1955 - William D. Chester, Jr.      Mrs. Charles E. Plamp

1956 - James L. Galloway            Mrs. Charles E. Plamp

1957 - Robert H. Bosler               Mrs. August J. Bizianes

1958 - Louis W. Hauck                Mrs. August J. Bizianes

1959 - John P. Ryan                     Mrs. James Dettlinger

1960 - Frank J. Hubbuch             Mrs. James Dettlinger

1961 - Frank J. Hubbuch             Mrs. Robert Bosler

1962 - William L. Karp                Mrs. Ruby Kerberg

1963 - Joseph B. Bott                  Mrs. Frank J. Hubbuch

1964 - J. Leslie Brown, Jr.           Mrs. Frank J. Hubbuch

1965 - J. Leslie Brown, Jr.           Mrs. Frank J. Hubbuch

1966 - Robert W. Gast                Mrs. Frank J. Hubbuch          Billy Karp

1967 - Paul E. York                     Mrs. J. B. Bott                      Eddie Grimes

1968 - Calvin A. Gibson               Mrs. John Westerman           Tom Hubbuch

1969 - Calvin A. Gibson               Mrs. John Westerman           Jim Leffert

1970 - Kelly Jull                           Mrs. John Westerman           Charlie Drexler

1971 - Richard S. Ford                Mrs. Eldon H. McCombs

1972 - James F. Gardner              Mrs. Eldon H. McCombs                                           

1973 - William C. Bridwell           Mrs. John J. Seubold

1974 - William C. Bridwell           Mrs. John J. Seubold

1975 - Ben H. Huff                      Mrs. John Westerman

1976 - James F. Detlinger            Mrs. James F. Dettlinger

1977 - David Dumeyer, Sr.          Mrs. Richard S. Ford            Carl Carlton

1978 - David Dumeyer, Sr.          Mrs. Richard S. Ford            Carl Carlton

1979 - David Dumeyer, Sr.          Mrs. John P. Ryan                Carl Carlton

1980 - Joseph L. Bernzweig         Mrs. Harry Brown                Carl Carlton

1981 - Paul J. Hubbuch                Mrs. Harry Brown                Carl Carlton

1982 - Paul J. Hubbuch                Catherine M. Ruph               Carl Carlton

1983 - Paul J. Hubbuch                Catherine M. Ruph               Carl Carlton

1984 - Merlin E. Kiefer                Mrs. Roger Ballard               Roger Ballard

1985 - Merlin E. Kiefer                Mrs. Roger Ballard               Roger Ballard

1986 - Merlin E. Kiefer                Catherine M. Ruph               Roger Ballard

1987 - John T. Linton                   Catherine M. Ruph               Roger Ballard

1988 - Joseph E. Shade               Juanita Skirvin                       Roger Ballard

1989 - Joseph E. Shade               Juanita Skirvin                       Russ Evola

1990 - William L. Evans               Mary A. Bertholf                  Russ Evola

1991 - Leonard W. Yount            Mary A. Bertholf                  Roger Ballard

1992 - Leonard W. Yount            Mary Williams                      Roger Ballard

1993 - Leonard W. Yount            Mary Williams                      Roger Ballard 

1994 - Leonard W. Yount            Betty Lacer                          Roger Ballard

1995 - Joseph N. Higgins, Jr.       Louise F. Goeser                  Bob Oral

1996 - Joseph N. Higgins, Jr.       Kathy Bottom                        Bob Oral

1997 - Merlin E. Kiefer                Kathy Bottom                      Steve Price

1998 - Merlin E. Kiefer                Mary Williams                      Steve Price

1999 - Leonard W. Yount            Mary Williams                      Steve Price

2000 - Leonard W. Yount            Heidi Willhoite                     Steve Price

2001 - Michael W. Phelps            Lynn Phelps                         Steve Price

2002 - Michael W. Phelps            Rosalie Frame                      Steve Price

2003 - Robert W. Erie                 Rosalie Frame                       Steve Price

2004 - Laurance W. Branch         Susan Leathers                     Steve Price

2005 - Laurance W. Branch         Betty Lacer                          Ron Hester

2006 - Michael W. Phelps           Betty Lacer                           Sam Farwick

2007 - Michael W. Phelps           Virginia Hodges                    Sam Farwick 

2008 - Bill Lippy                         Barbara Watson                   Sam Farwick

2009 - Bob Unger                       Barbara Watson                   Sam Farwick

2010 - Bob Unger                       Jeanette Anderson                Sam Farwick

2011 - Bob Unger                       Jeanette Anderson                Sam Farwick

2012 - Don Black                        Jeanette Anderson                Keith Hosey

2013 - John Collis                       Marty Taylor                          Andy Holmes

2014 - Donald Zeller                    Marty Taylor                          Andy Holmes

2015 - David VanTassel               Marty Taylor                          Andy Holmes

2016 - David Van Tassel              Marty Taylor                          Andy Holmes